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Thanks! I believe the Hawley Hotel was on Main, across from the city park, right?
I remember a small old building, perhaps log, that sat on the corner across the street from the library. It had a boardwalk entry, as the building sat back a bit from the main sidewalk. Not sure if it + 280 more characters
Does anyone remember the two-story white building that sat on the southwest corner of 8th and Bridge--across from City Hall. I believe it was a hotel/apartment building, until maybe the mid-late 50s. + 215 more characters
As kids (maybe '48 or so), we used to follow the ice truck/wagon and pick up pieces that had fallen off. Remember doing this on Pleasant Street. Treats were hard to come by!
Thanks for the memories. I remember putting those on my bike!
I am wondering if anyone can tell me anything about the old MDU/Montana Power Plant (?) that was at the corner of Bridge and 9th, between Bridge and the railroad tracks, and had a big smokestack next + 152 more characters
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