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I am glad the pole is there and the flag is gone. thanks to all who wrote! He can turn the flag into the VFW for propal disposal of it. I live in Bismarck and my neighbor flies his flag 24/7 with a li + 243 more characters
Every American, These two pictures were taken in Miles City at address; 2312 Main Street, Miles City. The house is owned by a young man, who as you can see in the first picture works for BN Rail Road. + 1588 more characters
There is another name I have to add to this list. Doc Hoopes! He had a shot that could fix anything! Loved him
Yes, many friends and family are gone but never forgotten. As long as we remember them in our hearts and all the memories will keep them alive forever. I have a few to mention along with my family mem + 2272 more characters
May you both rest in peace. I miss you both so very much. We love and miss you very much.
I need to know about the old log buildings around the ball park now. I know that when my brother and sister were very little, they lived in one of then with my aunt Lavern. I have looked in to see the + 137 more characters
Wow! So sad. Any plans on what is going to happen to the land?
Can someone post pictures of the buildings now that hte fire is out. It is so hard to live away from Miles City and not being able to see and feel the home town. Thank you Kathie
I just got news that Ron Richey and the other 3 Americans didn't make it. They can not even find one of the men. The first news that I posted before was a communication mix up. I can only pray for the + 322 more characters
Just got news that the americans were checked into the hospital, checked out to be ok, just bumps and bruises, but fine and have been checked out again. All will be sore but will do good! Great news.
Marjorie ann Gierke (Mother) Barb Gierke Smith (sister)
There was one person on that flight from Glendive MT,Ron Richey. His brother Curt and I are very good friends. No word yet on anything but the wives of the 4 americans are going at noon today to Amste + 170 more characters
At least the Duggars provide for themselves. It is not healthy to me to pop one out every nine months or so but that is the road they have taken as a married couple and their way of life. Now this oth + 355 more characters
Has this family ever been found. I have checked the Billings paper but dont see anymore. It is so sad.
Hey Steve! How are you doing? Where are you now days? I am not sure you remember me but I am Kathie Gierke Zoller and living in Bismarck. Email me sometime at [email protected]
My dad used to Stock car racein Miles City in the early 50's I think he raced in car #600. We don't have pictures of his car or him during that time. I was wondering ig there were and few fans out the + 256 more characters
I don't know if any of you took the time to talk with the squirrel lady in Riverside Park.I would stop and talk to her many a summer mornings after my swimming lessons. She called all the squirrels Ch + 626 more characters
Monte Tredway was killed in a car accident on his way to work in Wy. Jack Kope was killed in wreck at the under pass with Monte as his rider.
I am not sure of these dates when they happened but I heard it. Jack Kope Monte Tredway Greg Olson? I went to school with Greg Class of 78
Last week end when I was in Miles City, I was talking to a gentleman about Spotted Eagle. He said there were several people involved in cleaning it up. He said they were blading the roads and keeping + 212 more characters
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