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I wonder why, as humans, we look for fault...rather than pray for strength for the other humans who have lost their loved one.
I have never had a vet so utterly devoted to the needs of pets and their owners as are Jean and the East Main Staff. I put down two dogs and know the pain of an untimely goodbye. I am quite unique to + 417 more characters
Exactly!! Judge not lest you, yourself, be judged.
WITHOUT ONE SHRED OF DOUBT....JEAN LINDLEY! East Main Animal Clinic. My animals do not see anyone else. She cares for your animal as an IMPORTANT member of your family. And she's brilliant. The entire + 368 more characters
While I understand there are many factors here, poor signage may have been one large contributor. God Strengthen the families, and the community. We lost a lot today.
I was as enraged as the rest of Miles City! However...I think everyone needs to understand that EVERY PERSON ALIVE HAS DONE SOMETHING TERRIBLE! I am not condoning the behavior, but something DOES need + 219 more characters
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