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You know its a shame that you and some of the other people on this site treat people with so much dis-respect.
Many years ago I read a article that was about one world order in 2017. Clinton would be the leader however it did not state which Clinton. We all pretty much know now which Clinton they were talking + 15 more characters
I support Trump. I also see self driven cars right here in Miles City, I mean who is driving them if the person sitting behind the wheel is texting with both hands or putting makeup on,or even reading + 71 more characters
There is the depot North of RR tracks. I wish you luck on your filming,please keep in mind that Meth has no boundaries as far as a abandoned building goes. You could film in a upscale home and if meth + 203 more characters
For one thing Franky I didnt take the lives of two innocent people. Now if you think its ok for this scum bag to live then thats your choice. Emotions run high on these sort of issues, which appears y + 39 more characters
Thanks Wendy for shedding some light on this subject for me.
I read another article that pertained to this case, and it said that the death penalty would not be seeked. Now I know that most would like to see both of them put to death, the sooner the better. Wha + 252 more characters
LOL, why would one let the thumbs down run their lives. Hey it simply means some one disagred with either the post or comment. I do know no matter what some say there are those 4 or 5 that will thumbs + 121 more characters
I have been reading through all the topics and comments in regards to Scott Price and Sara McKnight, along with the information that has been made public. I still have questions. How did scum bag Pric + 379 more characters
It is pretty obvious that some dont really read the comments,all they look at is who was the poster. When I first joined this page I figured every one actually was living in M.C due to some of their c + 770 more characters
It aappers that Sara McKnight is in the Missoula jail and has her court date set for today. I believe Scott Price is back in court tomorrow.
I apologize on my part. I have never been one to be bullied or stand back while some one else is being bullied,regardless if its in person or on these forums. Bring my parents into the conversation is + 58 more characters
Thanks for posting all this, its all I needed to further my case. You are a moderator and founder. You might want to read the privacy portion, I cant wait till you post what you find on Conweb, that w + 175 more characters
What ever it takes to enlarge your own ego. But dont bring parents into this especially mine. If I recall Daniel didnt reveal his own name here, some one else did. The reason that I dont say to much o + 266 more characters
What a jerk....
Its all good LRS2014, I have came to the conclusion that no matter what you say, how you say it or how you type it, to some it will be wrong.There are a few on here that thrive on those that dont fit + 639 more characters
LRS 2014, I have a honest question hoping for a honest answer. Do you write your own classified adds? Remember honest answer. Also if we were to change your initials around would the first one be a R.
You sir take it way beyond the point that I hope my request to have this topic reviwed is approved. You posted a pic along with deminishing a persons character which also has an effect on a business. + 216 more characters
oops, my bad, should of said does eat at Golden Corral.
I dont usually get into the political stuff on here because I dont know enough about it as you all do,or most of you..
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