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It went from the fairgrounds, to Spotted Eagle, across the golf the hospital....
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The FEMA grant was to assist the STATE in paying for the cost to fight the fire.....none of this grant money would go to the farmers and ranchers to help rebuild, or feed cows.
The smoke is from the Lodgepole Complex fires burning in Garfield County. It is almost at 70,000 acres tonight. They have evacuated people, power lines are down, and the highway is closed from Jordan + 9 more characters
At least you get high speed internet as an option..... Midrivers has my area on the schedule to get the fiber optic cable to my 2028. Hopefully Netflix is still around....because with the + 94 more characters
These guys did 3 houses on our ranch, and could not be happier with their work! I didn't expect to notice my ducts had been cleaned, but the entire house smelled fresher...and definitely less dusty! V + 216 more characters
I see there is going to be a home brew competition at the Rock'n MC Brewfest in August! url
Does anyone know how many acres of public land are not accessible by the public? I do not, that is why I am asking. You can't just go off hiking through private property to go camp on a section of pub + 217 more characters
Why does a fire truck need to follow an ambulance for just an ambulance call? I love fire trucks, but if I'm having a heart attack...I don't think a pumper truck is going to help my situation.
Maybe call the region 5 member of the Montana State Parks & Recreation Board to see exactly what the deal is and voice your concerns... Tom Towe, Billings (Chairman) [email protected] (406) 248-7337 + 28 more characters
Their beers are not ready yet...but don't let that stop you from going in! They have a full bar, and great beer selection... And the food is amazing! I had a chicken sandwich, which had apples, berrie + 370 more characters
We went to the show last night, and it was great! Don't hesitate to go...bravo barn players!
We camp around Fort Peck. Hell Creek just north of Jordan has a great campground, with electric hookups for campers, or spots with little lean-to shelters and picnic tables that are great if you have + 559 more characters
They cancelled the Hell Creek ice fishing tournament this year due to lack of ice....and last weekend, I'll bet there were at least 20 boats out on the river in Miles City.
The theme is Can You Feel The Love Tonight....from the Lion King
Can you feel the LOVE tonight? 2nd Annual Bison Bar Adult Prom Saturday, February 27th... 8:00 Get your tux's rented and dresses ready! Grand march will start at 9:00, so be there before to get sign + 373 more characters
Did the pot just call the kettle black?
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Thank you for the advice! Any other awesome yards to check out? (And I realized I spelled Christmas wrong in the topic! Oops!)
Wanting to go out Friay night and look at some lights in town, where are the best light shows??? Thanks
I had the same thing happen with my 11mo old dog. She had some spotting for a few days after her puppies were born. My dog rejected her puppies though, she had 5 and didn't have enough milk to feed th + 321 more characters
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