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Do the alarms still go off when there is an ESCAPEE? KATL would send out emergency bulletins to LOCK your cars and doors.
Very Cool stuff!!! How did you make the head in the jar??? Loved that.
Are they just the 'past' ornaments online?
Isn't there a Hallmark in Billings that sells the ornaments? There are several online sites to order from yourself....
That would be a great idea. Would also be cool if could include some group fitness classes such as yoga, aerobics/step.
Wow that is gorgeous. MC is the new Reno!
I remember kids swimming at the dam. One fellow who currently owns the local camera shop dived head first and broke his neck. Shallow in those days!!!
Can anyone post council members e*mails so we can express opinions through e*mail?
I don't think having concrete for the coop is at all reasonable. It is a big deal to build or have built a concrete pad. It is not necessary at all. We have had chickens for years and do not have conc + 36 more characters
Wow...that was a hard winter this year. The countdown is on....
Maybe mistakenly typed a instead of u and her name is Judee????
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! If you're happy and you know it than your fingers will surely show it. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! If you're sad and you know + 316 more characters
I think it was Agent Orange in the 60's....
I think there should be a prize for the best MOSQUITO Costume!
Has everyone tried the slushy strawberry lemonade. It is a real customer FAV!!!! McDonalds is our kind of place, cuz it's Ronald's place.....
Depends on what is on the other half of the pie. Is there truly a 1/2 peach pie?
I recall Dr. Hadley still being around in the 60's...but maybe switched office sites.
That is a beautiful area. I know there were a lot of homesites out there. It would be good if you could talk to some one that is living there.
I looked through the Stephenson's Obituaries for a Mrs. Smith Age 80. Hmmmm. Couldn't find anything. Could you give more information regarding the incident, like 1st name, date of demise?
For the child Practioner how can you see anyone else but Dr. 'YOUNG'!
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