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I think you missed that I was mostly being sarcastic. But anyway, there's good stuff in Atlantic and the Economist. I've linked to articles from both myself. Then again there's some utter crap publi + 2299 more characters
Contact Raelee at 234-9326 ([email protected]) or Tracey at 232-6265.
so to accuse the unions of greed without also accusing the corporations and their billion dollar bonuses to themselves is ludicrous..... I don't think anyone has said any different. As we've said, the + 288 more characters
"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else." Frederic Bastiat
but I didn't see her turn down the benefits and compensation that the teacher's union had won for her. Wow, that's a new angle. Not sure I've ever heard a teacher brag up the wonderful compensation pa + 392 more characters
url This was taken this morning.
url This was taken this morning.
Video from around 10am this morning.
url Here is a shot from about 10am today.
Tony & Friends, We had a blast! Thanks for all the work you put into the dunk tank! You must have spent hours getting all that ready to go. Thanks again! Hal, Please see the link below. You can send + 46 more characters
Yes it is Rick's house (or as family calls him, Ricky). So as you can see he does have some time to fit in other things, not just debating on this site. Just pull up in front of the house (504 S Lake + 63 more characters
The Holy Rosary Mission Council is sponsoring a live nativity tonight. It will be on Wilson Street (in front of the Hospital) from 5-8pm. You are all invited to drive by. It will be beautiful! Merry C + 9 more characters
Levi, your point is well known, tried and true. url Gridlock If there's one thing Wall Street likes, it's when politicians do nothing but harass interns, drink Chivas by the gallon and vote on legisla + 257 more characters
Melissa & Team, The project is absolutely beautiful! What an accomplishment! It is better than I even imagined. Every apartment has a fabulous view! Thank you from all of us who live in Miles City, we + 74 more characters
When we lived in Billings I was a substitute teacher. I have experienced full day kindergarten first hand. The extra "school time" is spent on playtime, snacks, and scheduled naps (which many kids sti + 383 more characters
Brady, are they planning to reorganize the workload at all, or do they really think they can operate the parks with just one person?
I have not been able to visit this site in the last couple of weeks. I agree, some people have gotten really nasty! There is definitely a different tone being set in the past two weeks or so. What is + 225 more characters
Hey Brady, I love the spell check comment! Couldn't help but laugh at that.
I agree with the WOOO HOOO! I think a great time was had by all! It is too bad that some had conflicts with schedules and were unable to attend, but it was wonderful to see those that were here! Aaron + 249 more characters
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