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Yes, he was very nice son, husband and father. Had a good job and was well liked by most that knew him. A very sad thing and I hope his family gets to hear about it from a loved one instead of a web s + 107 more characters
Do you have any other info or links? I have some people I need to get ahold of.
It's interesting how many names are still around. There is an entry that says Anderson and Zook. I would bet my heritage that it should read Alderson and Zook.
Sorry to hear thinking is hard for you NDJ. I called one of the Billings dealers about a vehicle they had that was a super deal. They said to come on over and they would hold it. I drove over that day + 295 more characters
Thank you! This is a well written PSA. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.
Fumes may become bad due to weather changes. It sure is a good thing most trains pass each other outside of towns.
Patti I don't know if you have read anything else on MC.com but most of the regular contributors don't have anything positive or enlightening to say. If they have ever dealt with the public and restro + 599 more characters
Hey Jethro you may want to get extra floss to get the feathers out of your teeth.
You should have them get in touch with Ronald McDonald House etc.. The hospital should have someone to help also.
Yolanda lives in Nebraska. Their house on Comstock still sits empty.
Brian- Go back to bed or just shut up!!!!!
Yes Levi you are correct McD's is the number one stop for the FFA. I can tell you this firsthand this because I am in my fourth year of FFA. The CCDHS athletics and other clubs are supposed to buy an + 1321 more characters
My children never played football or basketball but they did play hockey. Their out of town games,or missed school days did count against the 10 day rule.??? But wait..it is a sport isn't it?! I'm wil + 312 more characters
Brian, FYI the MCYHA gun raffle has been selling tickets since LATE SEPTEMBER, maybe longer, but that is when i purchased mine. Do you propose they return my money and call the whole thing off just to + 370 more characters
Although I follow the posts often, I seldom respond. Not that there isn't a few that I think about it. I figure it's better to be assumed an idiot than to be confirmed so generally keep my mouth shut + 296 more characters
When my husband and I were both taking college classes we had LYF101 on our minivan. We also had 4 children at home the oldest being 9yr. Life is like a class you're always learning being challenged a + 10 more characters
VictoriaLynn- Why did you feel the need to comment? Tacky......Petty
There in lies my reason for not being quick to judge. It's funny or sad how little we know about people and their lives and how quick we are to measure by just what we see/hear.
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