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Mike, When is the last time the wrestling team sent someone from every weight class to State and two in at least two weight groups maybe 3? That is an incredible accomplishment. Keep up the good work + 61 more characters
I am not sure how many of you are on Facebook or not but many of you have mentioned that you wish Brian Reed was still posting his football info on here. He has been posting good articles on the Monta + 247 more characters
I do believe that is a school record. He had 8 TD passes for a total of 330 yards on just the TD passes alone. I have not heard the total passing yards yet. The Cowboys secured the #1 seed and startin + 190 more characters
In Scotterdogs defense, outsiders with terrible attitudes usually don't fare well here in Miles City. I am sure his experience was awful.
I have lived in Miles City since 1986 with a few years spent in other places. I left Miles City to try new things and see what else was out there. I came back here because it was always home and is mu + 533 more characters
I believe that Rob at RJ Auto has a seperate detailing business and does a very good job. Give him a call.
It was a great movie. It was not as long as some, maybe 2:05. I was entertained the entire time so it went by fast.
Milwaukee Park is located right off of Lincoln rd, north of the tracks. Take a right on Lincoln at the 4 way stop on Montana heading to Bender Park. You go by a few houses and its on the right. Huge f + 41 more characters
Haha thats great!! Leonard Roddell and Matt Oyen I presume. That man had a bunch of good ones.
Fly Like An Eagle, Steve Miller Band
My favorite post to this site ever! Loved it!
Haha are you serious??!! She was the shooter? I know its not a funny situation and should be taken seriously but imagining your daughter as the one they picked to be the shooter has me belly laughing. + 396 more characters
RE: folf 10 years ago
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If there is room over by the pumping plant, that could be an out of the way spot to enjoy some folf. The old Honda trails could be a great spot with plenty of obstacles and trees etc... I just hope th + 387 more characters
He hasn't changed a bit. He takes care of business in a very professional manner.
Jade I was going to ask you if your husband knew about him, lol.
Correct me if I am wrong Cubby but I am fairly certain your use of the word Nazi came from a much different place than you are being accused of. You see in Cubby and my generation the word Nazi means + 336 more characters
One thing to be careful of when coming across a unicorn lair, is never indulge in a game of leap frog with them. I fell for that once, never again.
Well I will vouch for MT Mom as I know her personally and her reaction was way out of character. Fredy must have really pissed her off. This has happened to someone close to me as well and I will not + 898 more characters
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