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It is Evan Mann's car. A testimony of his love for Jesus!!!
I would just like to say this is crazy. As many have said before this was about a job not how she got pregnant, why she got pregnant, or what she should do with her baby. This town is full of trash ta + 1612 more characters
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The best thing to do is go to CCDHS and talk to them. They try to take the older kids first who have some credits already established. If you talk to them they are real nice and I am sure could help y + 101 more characters
Bought a paper from last night and can not find anything about the circus, can you tell me what day it was in the paper?
Thank you for telling about the ticket in last nights paper. I went to their website and it said 16.99 per adult and 12.99 per a kid. This will be way cheaper for our family Thanks
Miles City CCDHS offers alternative schooling. If you go in and request a space, they have both morning and afternoon classes. They usually try to take older kids first to try and help them graduate. + 187 more characters
Wow is all I got to say to you!!! I never judged you as a matter of fact re-read my post and it supported you and your child.
Going under can be for many diffrent reasons. Some times people just do not have the financial backing needed to get up off the ground and keep going. As I have said before, he is a proffessional. Res + 813 more characters
Just a note to the mom. You said you excited about a tattoo shop here in Miles City but was told not to go to the guy by the underpass. I have to ask you why? That guy has tattooed my adult children a + 170 more characters
My name- Just wondering if you know these people at all. If you are so conserned with the situation where is your name? Don't be ashamed of it. If you know anything about the 13 year old boy you would + 1018 more characters
I remeber doing this back in the day!!! Fun stuff
what are the 4 cleus today
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