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Give me a call at 852-0987. I might be able to help you. Ben
When I worked for EMI...eons ago...we used to flip tires inside out for salt feeders for ranchers. The way we did it was to use a "jig" that we concocted that was made out of 2X4's. I still have the b + 246 more characters
Does anyone know what's going on with the class of '81 reunion ??? My wife just went to the Trails Inn to register for it as the instructions said, and no one was there. Any info would be appreciated. + 6 more characters
Hi..Give me a call at 234-5742. Ben
Carli...Give me a call at 234-5742. I can take a look at it for you. Ben
Somewhere on my bookshelf is a paperback novel with the title "The Law in Miles City". It's a typical western style novel about the lawlessness of early Miles City and the good guy who cleans it all u + 172 more characters
I'm getting ready to restore an old gas pump for decoration on my patio. It's an old pump that was only manufactured between 1949 and 1956. Since I'm pretty sure that it's a Miles City native pump fro + 407 more characters
Larry...That was done by Harry Chapin. It's on the same album that Cat's in the Cradle is. Ben
I think...correct me if I'm wrong...what I'm hearing everyone who has responded to this thread say is that they would like to hear is a radio station that is STATIONED here and ISN'T 90% piped in stuf + 1670 more characters
My son who has been in Iraq since March is coming home. He'll be here for a two week leave and then it's back to Iraq until spring. I'll be so glad to see him. So will his mother, sister, brother and + 334 more characters
Ok...I'll add the "T" Shop to Shot Ben
Loon to Soon you remember Dr. Luther's favoite expression ?? Ben
As anyone who knows me knows, I collect, restore, buy, sell, trade...etc... old vintage radios. They're a wonderful part of out heritage. If it wasn't for old radios, we wouldn't be sitting here tying + 431 more characters
I keep an eye on eBay for Miles City related stuff. I happened across this one here (Link's at the bottom, just cut and paste it to your browser) I thought if anyone is related to the Neargaard family + 186 more characters
Hi, If you like to listen to old time radio programs like Fibber Magee and Molly, Dragnet, Gunsmoke, Burns and Allen, Amos and Andy..etc.. I've started what's called a low powered AM station that I br + 1372 more characters
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