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i think mudds and suds does a superier job making coffee. i only go to unique creations as a second choice. they never seem to have the consistancy, depending on who makes your coffe is it good or not + 1 more characters
the one in miles city is next THURSDAY MARCH 14th. NOT IN APRIL!!! call the special services office to make an appointment. 234-3812
does anyone know anything about the accident near the highschool late saturday night/early sunday morning? i heard the crash and saw the siren lights. am curious if whoever it was is ok.
i know i made lite of the subject. but there really was a chinchilla found and i buried it today. hope whoevers pet it was has a lil piece of mind knowing it wasnt left to rot
funeral services will be held for "flatts" the chinchilla today at 1pm at the edge of custer county cemetary. he was found on the edge of the road in the late hrs of last night on the 1800 block of no + 314 more characters
i just had a routine proceedure go wrong with dr granthum. dont think i will ever go to her again. at this point i would rather see a monkey than dr granthum again.
thank you to those of you who actually had information i could use. i also own a early 1900's house and found the hardwood floors. i am excited to see what they can become.
i started a project and know nothing about it. tore up the carpet in my house and now have hardwood floors that need refinished. the problem is, i dont know what to do. does anyone know who i would co + 24 more characters
Levi- well said.
i think if you went back to using your driveway (the one you have your lawn growing over) instead of trying to use your neighbors. i have driven past the property in question, and it looks like mike i + 73 more characters
my doberman and my cat play all the time. it is just adorable. the cat has done more damage than my dobie has!
it only takes a second, lets give a small business here a chance!!
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