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COME CELEBRATE! A&A Electric is having a 30th Anniversary Customer Appreciation BBQ at Hometown Lighting on Saturday, 7/27 from 11-1! There will be tasty hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, and cake. Good Ti + 5 more characters
FREE Event Brought to you by Montana Dakota Utilities in coordination with Montana Department of Environmental Quality Business Owners, Contractors, and Homeowners are all encouraged to attend Solar + 301 more characters
Remembering Monsignor Hennessy. "May the Lord be wich you"! Richard will relate to that one.
These messages remind me just how much I miss living in Miles City!
Miles City you should be aware that the classmates of 1981 from Sacred Heart and Custer County will be rolling into town this weekend! We will be celebrating and bringing lots of life to Main Street. + 73 more characters
I am so sorry to hear about Bill's passing. He was a wonderful man, and my thoughts and prayer are with your family today. Take Care, Chris
I remember seeing the Globetrotters with my dad in 70's also. It was something so special I never forgot how much fun I had watching them and laughing! I was in awe of their talent.
We go to Chik-Fil-A here in Phoenix and the food is great and always served hot. The chicken is whole, white meat chicken and they have tasty sandwiches and nuggets too. Great waffle fries. They have + 394 more characters
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Mark was such a nice guy and I have lots of fun memories of coming into the Short Stop and chatting with him, as well as your other family members + 26 more characters
There are so many fun memories to share from driving the Thunderbirds around Miles City Richard, how could I narrow it down to one story? I just know I logged a lot of miles in that town and spent a l + 41 more characters
Count me in for a t-shirt too. Try to stay warm there in Miles City! Chris Choate Raible
A song by Lifehouse.."Storm"
I will keep Jessica in my prayers as well. I hope she is able to get through this and be strong. God Bless, Chris
I loved this video of M.C.! Funny because I can recognize all those streets and drive around to see a lot of those places when I'm home. Thanks for making me smile today Chris
Have a safe and Happy New Year! Christmas in MC was the best. Chris
I have recipes I would love to share from my family for the cookbook of you decide to do this. I actually still have some of the old Miles City cookbooks that are fun to look at and have pictures from + 37 more characters
Thanks for writing and for working on the pictures. No hurry at all. I live in Glendale which is a part of greater Phoenix and next to Peoria. Let me know if I can help you with anything with your fri + 27 more characters
Hi Susan, It was so great to read your message. My dad was Lyman Watts Choate who passed away in 1986 of a massive heart attack in his sleep. He had just retired from crop dusting (which he loved to d + 785 more characters
I like your style Mike!! I have been really enjoying reading the stuff going on in MC. How are you? I hope life is treating you well. I'm still hard at work here in Phoenix. Take Care, Chris Choate Ra + 4 more characters
I just went to see Def Leppard and Journey here last week so I'm listening to Def Leppard Vault..greatest hits
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