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how do you lease that building I would clean it all up and fix it up I need a shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could make those signs look like a old gas station slash mechanics shop was there!
Could'nt they still add denton in the new title or naming of the field. (Just and idea)
By the Car wash is rediculous they patch um and 2 weeks later there open up even bigger, I think proper fixing of roads would be nice.
IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember in 7th-8th grade, and knowing guys on the varsity team, talking about the hardin games, and he played middle linebacker, and running back if i do remember right, and mark mariani went to ha + 138 more characters
Im not gunna go back and forth for days, i just wanted to clear up the story, and you guys can say what you want but until you know his name, or even our familys, you should really not say anything... + 56 more characters
wow its sad that im 20 and i act older than you, yes he will spend jailtime and yes i think he should it was STUPID. I dont think he should get let off, but should a person be judged by one mistake ev + 89 more characters
again thank you
yes it does make you think,sry for making "snapping" its just my younger brother and I no this is gunna be the talk of the town for a long time...and he knows it. I just dont want people to think just + 192 more characters
Alright first of all that is my younger brother and no zach carey he didnt almost hit you because there is video of the chase, and he didnt get close....it is a gmc 1999 sierra and yes hes caught...en + 71 more characters
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