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Wow Amorette...rude!!! Good luck on finding your things.
You have got to be fucking kidding!!!
Umm...the horse is dead...but continue on!!!
Tickets are still available! I am around all day today if anyone would like to purchase tickets I can deliver them. Call or text 839-0426!
MeiMei...and what if someone was not able to say anything such as the Conneticut shooting? You hope and pray someone knows but hell its such a joke to Bridgier its probably a joke to many others on th + 9 more characters
Bridgier...we know where you stand...still an one with real sense cares. And your gang of holigans can join in!
What Oglin further measures have been taken.
Or post on and someone will help you figure it out!
So you posted this for what?
Lol right Rebecca!
I spent many days in the hospital in the last 9 years and have never had a complaint besides some nurses are not as nice as they should be, but I had the luxury of recieveing jello salad from my nanni + 263 more characters
Sorry Amorette, but I don't believe an Albertson's ad is a paid programming ad...they don't flash a small note on the screen for a split second when promoting local or state wide store it's h + 268 more characters
Yeah I get pissed to when people drag their muddy feet into Walmart! They should have to sweep and mop after every step!
You know...I did see an ambulance traveling down that way at a very slow pace with no sirens on...guess some people don't always get fast service lol.
K.D.! Good one! Totally agree!
Really wondering if the idiot gave the police a name!
Wow! Your a freaking IDIOT! Go to the fucking police! I hope karma slaps you in the face! DUMBASS! deserve the rude've given out enough yourself! But I thought your joke was hilarious and didn't see it last week either!
Suppose that's why we have so many railroad crossings! I've lived here all my life and when I'm driving on either side of town...I LOOK to see if a train is blocking the tracks if it is...then I deter + 307 more characters
Pretty sure that's why there is an underpass...just saying!
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