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Oops, there is already a topic on this. My bad.
I am hearing conflicting stories about the rules about fireworks in town. Can I get the real scoop on what's okay and whats not?
I took my family to go see this circus when it was in Billings a few months ago. Its surprisingly good. Tigers, elephant rides, clowns, and some fun acts. I would say that it is worth the money, howev + 94 more characters
Here is web address to the circus' website, it has information about pricing and showtimes.
Thanks, I appreciate it!
Hey Everybody, We got back from Billings and realized that someone stole my sons Police Car Power Wheels from our deck. I don't know what I expect to gain from posting on here. I guess if you someone + 361 more characters
Thanks to everyone who responded. I really appreciate the help!
What are labtops?
Awesome, I will check them out. Thanks for your help guys!
JC Pennys is coming in October? Like a full retail store?
Does anyone know of a good Family Counselor/Therapist in MC?
Great response. Thanks!!!
What goes on at Sanjel here in town? I know what Sanjel does as a company (Oil Field Services) but what goes on here at the local facility? I see a lot of cars parked out there but have no idea what t + 35 more characters
I appreciate everyones help.
Yep I will be living on Palmer.
Great! Thanks for your help!
Hey Everybody, Moving to Miles City in a few weeks and need to get set up. Can I get the names of the Electric/Gas company, Water company, Phone Company, and a good high speed internet provider. Thank + 16 more characters
Hi Kari, I sent them an email this morning. Thanks for your help.
That sounds great BD! I emailed you and can't wait for your reply! Thanks for the heads-up!
Thanks Marc. I decided that the upfront cost of moving into the house is a little steep for me. Thanks for the lead though.
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