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Why don't they print some thing about horse events, Why it's always sports You never hear about the scoring of the horse and rider.
thank God you can hear.
dont bet on it.
CNA's are train to care for any one no matter what size they are. They have all kind of equipments for people ,to left, or what ever, He can get up, he just has troubles with standing and whatching hi + 84 more characters
medicare should pay for the extra's.
Well the pickup is gone today.
Does any one know about the pickup that burned up on tongue river?
I make green tomatoe pie. thats really good.
Why is there a boat on the hill?
He worked for ABC seamless, untile now, I think. He stoled some money from me.
he's a scam.
He's a scam, Lier, and he steals
a pistol 11 years ago
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can you wear it outside of your coat?
what its to you. Are you full of hot air.?????
Your word is no good.
When can I get the rooster?
I'll still take your rooster, but not for $10. Maybe $2
I'll take him, but I dont have any hens to trade.
People who sue other people over pennies cant think for them selves. They got to have there daddy do the durty work.
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