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This country is getting "crazier" and "crazier" as time goes on. What is the deal with red and green lights? I can pick and choose any color or colors I want to celebrate this time of the year and as + 1867 more characters
That's the magic question, Wendy --- If I didn't own the building, how could I have insured it? I did insure it, but as we found out too late, everything is not as simple as it seems. When all of the + 85 more characters
Wendy, I'm sorry, but I had the impression that you think I might possibly be an idiot, with the thought " ... you have to pay for insurance in order to get reimbursed for losses." Just so you have it + 638 more characters
Yeah Amorette,I remember that Monday with an unbelievable sadness and heavyness. It's the day that my world was devastated and ended by someone who has not had the decency, in one year, to pick up a p + 2211 more characters
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