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Thanks, if the stuff to kill roots doesn't work, I will call them tomorrow.
We tried the power auger from Ace, but still no draining.
Thank you! One last chance to catch "Right Bed, Wrong Husband" 7:00 tonight! The audiences have been laughing hard through the whole thing!
Come join us this weekend !
To buy, cheap. To borrow, or to just take out of your garage for you. I would love palm tree print, or those lovely orange or greens. We need a sofa and one or two chairs. And would love a macrema han + 147 more characters
Does anybody know of a place to get a clawfoot bathtub refinished?
We have had fake treks for many years now, and since the most allergic ones no longer live under our roof we are thinking we might want a real tree again. Anyone know what an approximately 5' tree wen + 16 more characters
Are there any plans for doing this again? I know someone who has already donated 56" of hair to locks of love and is about ready to do it again. And if it might raise money for a good cause, so much t + 10 more characters
Thanks, I know better than to try to type without glasses at my age, sometimes I just don't take the time to look for them. And thanks for the real info on Angie.
Is there anywhere in tow that does sprat tanning? Are they good at it?
We need an antique (or something we can make look antique) wheel chair to use in our upcoming show, "it's a Wonderful Life" Please respond here, or email, or 853-2260
Dress rehearsal tonight, it is a fun show!
This Friday is opening night, fun for all ages!
We had some very talented people audition tonight! Don't let the music scare you off, it is a fun campy show with parts for non-singers as well. Hope to see you there tomorrow!
I hope to see a crowd at auditions! It looks like a fun show
I don't suppose the city/BNSF would want to turn it over to a non-profit group. I think it would be a fun place to turn into a Theatre for the Barn Players. I even have some ideas on making it so the + 40 more characters
Tuesday, Feb 7, 6:30 to 8:00, MCC room 317. It isn't a huge time committment just 6:30 to 8:00 Monday and Wednesday and the show will be March 30th and 31st. Hope to see you at auditions.
Yes, the show will be March 30 & 31. So, come on out Monday or Tuesday and audition, it looks like a fun show.
THANKS, it was late and I was tired. I will repost with the corrections, would you believe I even had it proofread and they didn't catch that.
Open Auditions for a Haunted Inn Murder Mystery, Presented by The Barn Players, Inc. Auditions will be Monday, Feb 6 and Tuesday, Jan 7 from 6:30 to 8:30 in MCC room 313. Take a walk on the spooky + 803 more characters
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