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EMI no longer does auto detailing
Heard they closed.
The only patios that I know of are: Spur, Club Royale Casino, and Cellar Casino. You can drink on each of them.
Full service bar and casino. There is a kitchen, but that part is not up and running yet.
Jarrod moved....
I would have to say Nikki @ Imagine That. I have been going to her for about 5 years, very fast, and looks amazing when you leave
I live in Southgate also, and do not like the idea of the "dirt road" that we have. Accident waiting to happen with all the dirt and trucks out their.
Robin and Suzie all the way. Both do awesome work. I have used them both.
Maybe this thread should be dropped!!
There is a article on about it. Other than that this has been a very "hush, hush" topic. Not sure why? Rumors were flying the day after it happened.
No, what happened?
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