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Final score 42-14 NDSU...and here I was thinking the Cats had a puncher's chance of pulling the upset based on the Bison's milquetoast effort last week vs. Illinois State. Turns out that was an aberra + 376 more characters
What brought that on, Bridgier?
He did have a bad night, wasn't the type of outing that did justice to the season the Griz had. Meanwhile, I'm a bit surprised that the top-ranked Bison are letting Illinois State hang ar + 291 more characters
Nope, not a fan of either. Just came across the above greeting and the traditionalist in me found it comically wordy.
To all my liberal friends, please accept, with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral cele + 1233 more characters
A bit late with this, but congratulations to the following Cowboy team members for making the all-state team! Carson Hunter, Jr. QB, Jess Bellows, Sr. WR, Aidan Barrow, Sr. LB, Jayden Venable, Jr., WR + 469 more characters
Halftime scores: the Griz lead SE Louisiana 38-21. Cats lead Albany 26-7. Interesting side note: Weber State was losing at half to Kennesaw State 17-12...if that were to hold-up and the Griz win today + 132 more characters
I have to admit I am ENVIOUS that both Gunnar and Hal are home-brewers. It's a hobby I would love to undertake at some point, yet one of those things in life I just never get around to. I imagine it h + 772 more characters
Not only are both teams in the playoffs, both are seeded, both get first-round byes, and both get to host a second-round game! HOW COOL IS THAT! Best of luck to BOTH Cats and Griz. The 2 are on oppo + 177 more characters
Another Cowboy score and a recovered fumble...START THE FIRE TRUCK!
Was just texting my friend about an irony: when I was in high school, Jordan didn't even have a football team for not having enough kids to field one and Terry was winning state championships in 8-man + 176 more characters
From what I'm hearing, it's been kind-of a messy game so far: both teams turning the ball over and getting penalties. Cowboys are getting the better of it, though.
Well, tomorrow is the BIG game for all the marbles. I don't have a lot of tidbits about it. Of course, the Cowboys are undefeated at 10-0. Laurel is 9-1...their one loss, of course, being the 21-16 lo + 1454 more characters
STATE CHIPPER TIME!!! Bring on the Locos.
Hamilton answers in the 3rd, 21-7...David I'll let you take it from here.
Halftime 21-0 Cowboys - Miles City scored just before half.
As we head into semifinal weekend, it's likely that one of the Cowboys' biggest motivating factors is a chance to get even with the Hamilton Broncs. Around this time last year, as it happened, Hamilto + 426 more characters
Great job Cowboys! Not to take away from their impressive victory, but I did hear Frenchtown's starting QB left the game with an injury on the drive where they scored their only points. That's unfortu + 117 more characters
Today's the day of their first playoff game. Best of luck Cowboys against Frenchtown! I don't have much of a "tale of the tape" for the Broncs. They are a tough first draw for the Cowboys as they have + 903 more characters
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