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Don't know that this is completely intertwined with his politics, but I liked his "take no s h i t" attitude more than his music...which is saying something, because I liked his music, too.
Gunnar thumbed down my great limerick post??? because he hates Trump the very most! he loved Trump before elected now he wants his headstone erected, so Gun, go drink your homemade beer, and choke on + 332 more characters
according to the Chamber of Commerce website, the parade is cancelled: url the same website, as of about a month ago, said the Fair is still on, though some of the events that go with it, such as the + 113 more characters
There were once some pissed-off Democrats who hated Trump, and acted like brats, but they chose Hillary to beat him and she failed to defeat him, so they whine, bitch, and scurry like rats.
This old Haiku thread is refreshed after 2 years so we start anew!
A sad update: Latest stats say Custer County now has 23 reported cases...and Dawson County (Glendive) now has 3. Going north, Richland County (Sidney) now has 9 cases...not sure how new those are. url + 1061 more characters
I recall you saying there were also valuable tiles in the Texas Club/Kelly's Gaslight building on Main which was recently demolished, but went un-salvaged. Makes me wonder, if these items are so valu + 884 more characters
Sorry to hear this. Was in M.C. for a bit last summer. My girlfriend and I went into his antique shop on Main and chatted with him while browsing. Hope he's able to recover okay.
John deMontigny, who was in the last class to graduate from Sacred Heart before the high school closed down (1986) passed away in Neenah, Wisconsin, on May 22nd. He was tough as nails, a great athlete + 301 more characters
Sadly, but not surprisingly, the final Badlands Bowl will not be played at all: url Coach Regan of the Cowboys was to be the head coach for the Montana team. The East-West Shrine Game was also cancell + 285 more characters
Five posts in 2 weeks, 18 posts in the last month, more than that in the months prior. The point is it's frequent, it's repetitive, and your diatribes remain at the top of the forum list because you + 430 more characters
Mary, I mean Tommy. MOVE ON ALREADY! Seriously, you're flooding this website with a lot of hate posts and it's getting old. Yes, you hate Trump and he's a lousy president. We get it. + 179 more characters
Reminds me of the character Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He wore those.
Thanks, I had forgotten about Log Cabin and NZ Shoes, though it's true that fire has taken a few businesses on Main and also on Valley Drive East over the years. Are you sure Stockman owns the former + 226 more characters
The only thing that surprises me somewhat is that a fire was not the culprit. My memory has it that buildings like El Robo, McDonalds clothing, and more recently the Jewelry store and the Cellar (whic + 455 more characters
Reminds me of this...
Jake Elwood?...Really??? Why does that name ring a bell...
That's an apples-to-oranges comparison, David. While Trump uttering the quote "grab them by the pu**y" is, indeed a vulgar and distasteful thing to say, they're just words. They don't constitute a ph + 1093 more characters
The same as I feel about Bill Clinton sticking a cigar into Monica Lewinski's vagina and then putting it in his mouth and saying "it tastes good" while in the oval office - that it sucks to be him.
So, you cannot spell words like "liar" and "racist" and you're telling others to get a brain??? Interesting.
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