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Hello all. Thank you for your condolences and your kind words. Much appreciated. We finally completed the obituary and funeral plans. url I don't really know what else to say right now, other than I l + 113 more characters
Here's a nice article on Caleb and his latest efforts: url
Jeez, I defend the guy on ONLY TWO occasions and here you are thinking I'm his permanent guardian or something. Amorette was rude to him on that "mask" thread when all he did was ask a question abou + 1161 more characters
I know he's been gone a couple years now, but I am sorry about the loss of your dad, Bridgier. He was a good man and I liked him a lot. I am also sorry that your Uncle Emil has COVID 19. Is he still + 1096 more characters
Who the hell are you guys and what have you done with Tommy and Gunnar!!! LARRY! PUT OUT AN APB!!!! QUICK!!! They've been kidnapped and re-progr + 116 more characters
mkph, with all due respect I disagree with you. If immediate family/next of kin had not yet been notified, I could see the complaint, but in this case, the obituaries are already posted at Stevenson & + 616 more characters
Gunnar, feel free to point out where I defended Trump. I have said pretty-much from the beginning that I don't like him. I just don't allow him to get my shorts in a bunch the way some others do. I d + 2819 more characters
I'd have to check with Tab Fleming to confirm this, but I think that dish was used for the brownie sundae. The banana splits were made in a sort-of yellow plastic boat-shaped dish not on a stand. This + 126 more characters
Funny how people are losing an argument . They resort to vulgar language. And how do you get away on here using that type of language. Or are you a snowflake and rules don't apply to you.[/quote] Som + 249 more characters
I did see that when I checked the numbers a day or 2 ago. Sorry to hear. Wish I could find out who they were - I'm concerned if they were anyone I knew? Meanwhile I saw that some nearby counties such + 242 more characters
I do remember feeling very sad when Riggs closed...that was close to a decade ago, I believe. Big box retailers coming to town is a factor in causing mom and pop small businesses to dry up and close, + 949 more characters
When you say "all the trimmings" I take it that means you had him circumcised? . Never mind, you don't have to answer.
I have a question: I have seen a lot of Cbs's posts on here since he joined and started posted on this website not long ago. One thing I will agree with is that most of his posts are very sloppy, mis + 1330 more characters
Nobody's business but your own...and yet, here you are posting about it on a public forum. And I don't see anyone on this thread denying the existence of COVID 19. That still doesn't give you the ri + 29 more characters
Didn't ask you to be a jerk . Guest ask a question.[/quote] I know that Cbs is known for doing sloppy, misspelled, hard-to-understand posts, but I'm siding with him on this one. AMORETTE, THAT WAS RU + 668 more characters
You know, Dick, I AM on your side with this issue. I do wear a mask and observe social distancing and such...but you might want to think about trying to control your temper rather than go around yell + 374 more characters
Don't know that this is completely intertwined with his politics, but I liked his "take no s h i t" attitude more than his music...which is saying something, because I liked his music, too.
Gunnar thumbed down my great limerick post??? because he hates Trump the very most! he loved Trump before elected now he wants his headstone erected, so Gun, go drink your homemade beer, and choke on + 332 more characters
according to the Chamber of Commerce website, the parade is cancelled: url the same website, as of about a month ago, said the Fair is still on, though some of the events that go with it, such as the + 113 more characters
There were once some pissed-off Democrats who hated Trump, and acted like brats, but they chose Hillary to beat him and she failed to defeat him, so they whine, bitch, and scurry like rats.
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