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Welcome back, Matt.
Dillpickle - The Mayan calender apparently "ends" in 2012. There are actual people out there who think the world will end when the Mayan calender runs out. I'm sure they also believe in chemtrails and + 27 more characters
Stoning adulterers is barbaric? Even the republican ones?
The robin and the deer looked real. The rabbit and bear.....not so much. I do have to admit the "escaping bear" and "tree climbing bear" are very convincing. This illustrates the probing investigative + 58 more characters
Patriot, there is no reasoning with liberals. I Don't Understand why they want to live in a country where the governMent completely controls our lives and the president is a racist But I guess that is + 201 more characters
Yeah. You can't reason with an oligarhy.
It's true patriot. Beck is a poof. I just read it on the internet. That doesn't bother me, though. The proven fact that he's an idiot does bother me, though.
Political evolution Jones started his career as a staunch critic of capitalism; his outrage over the Rodney King verdict radicalized him to the point where he declared himself a communist (he has sinc + 4980 more characters
That "FACT" is based on YOUR opinion of those people. Therefore your "FACT" is just your completely biased opinion. Here's a FACT. Glen Beck is too stupid to spell oligarchy. The evidence is on video + 118 more characters
OK. Give me some facts, patriot.
Sean Connery will probably always be my favorite but I haven't seen Timothy Dalton or the new guy. I thought George Lazenby(not sure of the spelling) was good in "On Her Majesties Secret Service".
Oh. My. God. Republican and patriot. One from Montana. One from Wyoming. Both begin posting within a couple days. IT'S AN OLIGARHY I TELLS YA! AN OLIGARHY! What is we gonna doooo? What is we gonna doo + 4 more characters
I remember Big Al's being really good. I can also remember Blimpies, which was OK, in the same space but it seems like maybe there was something else in between. Anyone remember?
Yeah, he's a hack, Rick. What's it like being a paid enabler?
Here's proof Christianity has evolved, Richard. Jesus used to look look this;
Now he looks more like this:
Yeah, Richard. If religion shouldn't "evolve", we'd still be poly-theistic.
Buck. You don't understand. When a Republican is president, its the evil Democratic Congress that is responsible for the red ink. If both the president and Congress are Republicans, red ink is sort of + 240 more characters
Thanks Kent!
I'm surprised there hasn't been a hilarious Cleveland "dog pound" joke.
hardy har har
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