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I will sorely miss my friend Jim, a railroad brother, a navy brother, and a man I was proud to call a friend. God speed my friend, and may you have the wind to your back and a following sea, down that + 67 more characters
Bob L was right "WINGNUTS"
5:28 in the morning wow BUDDY hopefully you were just getting in!!! what a thread, I usually do not comment on these things, but this one provoked me!! I think conservativeness is an intrigal part o + 793 more characters
Kyle, no I'm just better read, and possibly a bit more worldly. Try these books for a little lite reading: 1) House of Bush House of Saud by George Unger, 2)Survival or Hegemony by Noam Chomsky, 3)Sta + 298 more characters
Thanks, Bob "Mr.300" L. Why can't folks just admit he is doing a great job? President Barak Obama also appears to be more centric in is politics then those on the right would like to admit (especially + 540 more characters
[deleted - duplicate]
Someone once said, "the written word is the most powerful weapon of all". I believe I know each of these families, and they all, and I repeat ALL, have and are very positive contributors to this commu + 536 more characters
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