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Because a liberals logic is severely flawed, and watching you people trying to act like you know something is hilarious but extremely sad. All of you are borderline retarded.
You people are extremely disrespectful. I can understand how stupid some people can sound on the internet, but acting like a bunch of children is really appalling. Is calling someone a "white cracke + 128 more characters
Knowing that most of you are leftists, I'm curious to see where you people stand on gun control and that topic in general. Especially after the shootings.
Gary Johnson.
Nice maturity level. Have fun staying ignorant.
SD, you're the only person on these forums I like. And these people will remain ignorant like children. Iv'e tried to get them to watch this but no success.
Edit: They also avoid the topic by making stupid jokes.
The Rothschild's were mentioned in the quote above. Quick let's make Jews the center of attention because a name that was mentioned in a quote is Jewish.
Your manipulating what I'm saying. And how did Jews get into this discussion? I didn't know MT was full of incompetent people like yourself. I guess that's the result of cow incest.
@Bridgier I know what it means, the questions marks were there because it was an incredibly stupid comment. @Buck Showalter I hate Jews because I want to redistribute wealth? What? Edit: I also like + 123 more characters
@MCwebmaster That is embarrassing. @Bridgier ???
That modern slavery that I was talking about is called "Debt Slavery". url And stop with your pathetic attitude. Get off of your high horse and stop being a prick. And only our congress is supposed t + 83 more characters
What point are you trying to prove Amorette? And overall, I don't think you people still understand.
You're still trying to avoid the subject.
No problem.
Post something related to the thread, in stead of a pointless video proving nothing other than your an ignorant fool.
A lot of people on this forum are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Perhaps they should try going Libertarian for once, and get away from the 2 party propaganda and madness. Here's a 3rd party debat + 16 more characters
Your calling me a whack job because I state the obvious facts, this isn't an Alex Jones conspiracy theory. Actually watch the first video and at least try to disprove the truth.
Short summary of how it works, 2 detailed videos that explain it better than me are posted below. I also recommend watching the American Dream, just search it on You Tube, should be a cartoon and arou + 1241 more characters
Second video didn't want to cooperate so here's the link. url Discuss.
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