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Edited This isn't a utopia, everything given must have a consequence or stipulations for some reason. It's making a lot of people scramble though. [Edited by A.T. Nelson (3/6/2015 3:22:58 AM)]
Well, there are only a few in town total. If hear of anything I'll let you know. Technically, since it is a Motored vehicle, in some states it's classified as auto theft. I know if you steal a whizz + 110 more characters
Better than our "Pond"
And Latin for " LIGHT BRRINGING" is.. Lucifer.
Ok, let's get rid of all drug testing. Anyone that votes for that must also sign a waiver to forgo any law suit when something happens because the other person was on drugs. Ie. A trucker hits you an + 53 more characters
Wow Al Gore was busy back then.
Parents can bring younger children down and we will turn the lights on, so the little ones will not be too scared, then go through in the dark. It's not really that bad though. This is the first tim + 110 more characters
Cool, someone else got this too. I knew it was a scam right away, but played along. The guy was telling me what to do and where to click, and I just played dumb. Once it was done with I said, Nothi + 231 more characters
Where do mole farts come from? Molasses
I wish these guys could come.
Finally, it's being done. I counted three dump trucks, bins and pickups hauling stuff away. Can't wait for the fallout once the dust settles.
What size do you need Gunnar? I know I can get a size of Army boots if you need them, or a pair of those moon boot looking mucks lucks the army uses in the Arctic. It may not be until fall, but I know + 46 more characters
Thank you!! Pickings got pretty slim after the first hour, I had NO idea we would gat sutch a good turn out. I wrote down a lot of wanted sizes and phone numbers, so if I get them I will call you. BUT + 178 more characters
Wow!!! Better than I expected!!! First hour went by and I stopped counting at 100 pairs given away. We still have more. We still have lots of girls size 2, 3 , 4, 5 ,6 and boys of the same size. We ha + 74 more characters
I know it wasn't much notice, but I see us doing this next Monday also if they don't all disappear tonight. Please, tell your friends and neighbors , it's a good program. We will probably do it again + 48 more characters
Hello everybody, Yellowstone Lodge, your local lodge of FreeMasons, has shoes to give away. This is part of the shoes for kids program our organization takes part in. Right now we have sizes from boys + 1405 more characters
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