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If this is the attitude of the principal, teacher's and the school district as a whole and you have done all you can for the education and well being for your child...then it is time to pull him/her o + 97 more characters
You know, I'm so upset about what you wrote about Miles City and the people here that I came very close to writing something extremely negative and basically telling you to pack your bags and move els + 635 more characters
I had this one years ago: CTSR4ME Hint: ^..^~
Has anyone heard anything further on this speculation?
Cindy, I would like to know where you got your information...
Tony Snow will be dearly missed as he was well liked by all. May God Bless his family in their time of mourning.
The Class of 1987 had 154...we were the first class to start the after graduation Bash!!
So there still are water snakes and leeches? I heard that these were a few of the complaints I heard...I still won't swim there.
There are things I do agree with what many of you had to say about WalMart...the negatives - the women's clothing department, the shoe department and some of the groceries that I used to buy are going + 351 more characters
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