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when is this
I heard that this winter its been record snow fall since 1969. Is there anyone that can verify this?
To Amorette: We passed an overturned semi laying in the median on our way to MC. You'd think that other truckers would see that (and others for that matter) and think "wow, maybe I should take it easy + 124 more characters
Speaking of not knowing how to drive in the snow, I am a little peeved at some of these drivers out here. We were trying to drive at a safe speed yesterday while making a trip to MC when we got all th + 977 more characters
You know, I moved out here from Minnesota in August last year and one thing that I have noticed about the people of this area is that everyone waves as we pass them driving down the road. It surprised + 152 more characters
I know this is an MC site (I live in Forsyth) but I have to post a thank you to a man that helped me with my vehicle troubles tonight(I know the username says mike: I'm his wife). I went into town (Fo + 532 more characters
This is awesome! I love Guinness!
Thanks!!! There was a farm back in MN where we would take the kids to pick their own halloween pumpkins; just wanted to keep the tradition going.
Is there a pumpkin farm around MC where people can pick their own Halloween pumpkins?
This is nice weather to a native Minnesotan! I hear the winters are pretty mild here. When the temp dropped to 50 F people were putting on sweaters and keeping their heaters turned up in their cars. T + 27 more characters
To Spacecase? in which direction from Miles city are you?
I'd bet she's playing with her figgy right now. (btw this is Mike's wife so no gay jokes about using the word "figgy" lol)
Cabins? 13 years ago
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Is there any place around MC to rent a cabin for the weekend? I have some relatives coming out and do not have the room to accomodate them; a hotel is a little cramped for a 4-5 day stay as well. Woul + 31 more characters
thanks for the tips guys but all I got was disappointment. quicksilverscreen wouldn't let me watch the whole movie and at hulu all I could get was trailers.
Does anyone know a website where you can watch movies for free without downloading anything or creating a "free account" with which you must must provide a credit card number?
Thanks Chuck; when I spoke with the owner she was going on about renting us the place and dealing with complaints and eventual eviction because of the noise and bla bla bla. So I will just keep lookin + 2 more characters
Thank you everyone for your input; I'm just going to let sleeping dogs lay... We will keep looking for a place to rent elsewhere. The more and more I think about what the owner said about noise compla + 313 more characters
My husband and I were denied the chance to rent an apartment because of our children. We viewed an apartment in Forsyth and the manager told us that the people living below the apt we saw worked night + 946 more characters
We should all just get a couple chickens then if we get sick we have no one to blame but ourselves!
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