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I haven't spoken to Jerry E in years, since high school, maybe once at the EM fair. While his politics might seem confusing, I wouldn't categorize or characterize him the way he is being pigeon-holed + 1022 more characters
BOB L... LONG TIME, NO POST! It would have been more efficient to report who DIDN'T get a PPP loan. Only one I can think of is Bobby Boatly Enterprises.
I disagree. "Senators, like the Federalists in New York, may consider a recall weapon in the hands of the people an unnecessary threat to theirĀ·continuation in office. But amendments such as the Seven + 110 more characters
The SWAT team has just pulled up to the house and the meth dealer is flushing the product down the toilet... that's what Steve Daines actions in the last 24 hours are like. I noticed yesterday on Fac + 388 more characters
Who did you vote for?[/quote] In what race, Jerry? In the presidential race I voted šŸ—³ against Trump. šŸ¤ [/quote] Not in the Montana race?[/quote] I contributed $1.5k to Bullockā€™s campaign and $500 to + 665 more characters
Me thinks the only "proof" is in the bottle of Old Crow you are sipping to drown your sorrows.
I am not using my real name here, because most of the childish and racist thoughts recently expressed on this site are embarrassing. This isn't the "your word is as good as your handshake" community i + 114 more characters
Hmmm... My guess is you mouth-breathers have enough tarter on your teeth you don't need to dip your fish sticks in any sauce.
At the Bison, with the Bison.
This is SO cool! If used right, it could draw tourists off the interstate to downtown MC. In Gillette the had an avenue of art, with large pieces like this. If it were advertised properly, I think you + 248 more characters
Warm Springs Productions? Sarah Palin as a judge. You can't make this stuff up.
It seems appropriate to quote Denise here: url
The notion that America isn't currently great is a false premise and is the very essence of Liar, Liar, pants on fire. We are a divided nation and Hillary will make us whole again.
On balance, I believe postmodernism is winning. I think its like the tide, it comes and goes. It's sometimes hard to know what the water level is at any specific point in time. Interesting article, Ha + 47 more characters
What this is really about is land costing more for people like Trump to put up casinos and hotels. It's more about the impact on Mr. Trump's wallet than anything else. His comments are specific to the + 271 more characters
I'm going to throw a wrench in your math exercise.
I think Gunnar is on to something here. If Trump becomes a Luther type and reforms the republicans he can have a +10 from me. [Edited by Dark Beer ( + 16 more characters
Those who are on medication for mental illness are not who you should be concerned about as they have taken responsibility for their issues. It's those who are not recieving treatment that should cau + 11 more characters
Interested in seeing how this club develops.
Based on the pictures I've seen, it looks awesome. Can't wait to see it in person. I hope the residence of MC appreciate the history. Between the Monatana and the Trail Inn, you have two classic bars + 129 more characters
Why is Bridgier going all Rajesh Koothrappali on us today?
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