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thanks a lot folks .. I knew you all could help me figure this out..
addressing Christmas cards for the mail this year to help the post office get a needed boost .. now my problem . elderly never married aunt is the correct address Miss Jane Doe . or Ms. Jane doe. And + 255 more characters
thanks for all of the input I think I will just have them mail my check.. I don't have an account (never have in 20+ years always used cash.. ) and don't want one .. I don't want to have to pay a bank + 139 more characters
I was recently informed that my employer was going to direct deposit and I was wondering what my rights are regarding payroll and direct deposit ... could I ask for it to be mailed instead ??? thank + 6 more characters
perfect thank you so much... I think I will stick with the Jane Doe I am glad we still have people that know the correct way. thanks again...
I need to know the correct way to address a letter to an elderly lady , divorcée for many years but never changed her name.. now is it Mrs. Jane Doe or, just Jane Doe, or Ms. Jane Doe ? thanks for the + 111 more characters
what do you call a basement full of blondes? a whine cellar ...
I heard that the golden spur will be starting a game out there soon. not sure of the dates yet.check out there. hope that helps.
i am sorry richard, i also enjoy the great job that the grounds crews are doing all over town with the water shortage as bad as it is. i didn't mean to hijack your thread, great job there guys.
i also enjoyed the green expanse of lawn in the park, but with the cost of the water the average home owner can not keep the green always greener. is that why the homeowners rates are increasing or do + 324 more characters
WOW you're good I'm teased.Looking forward to the changes.Thanks for the great job you do here.
hello the TV's for Vets can not take just any tv's. these are special tv's, that have built in static protection,etc.,etc. since those tv's are being placed in nursing homes and hospital rooms, etc.fo + 487 more characters
well i think it should be on sunday night also.so i guess i will try to get sunday night off so i can enjoy passing out treats to all of the spooks. that is kinda why i was wondering so early on about + 179 more characters
see that is what i have always thought also.but sometimes small towns " close up" early on sunday nights ,because of school and such..let the grown-ups have saturday night to party and then let the ki + 34 more characters
i know this is early to ask but is miles city going to let the kids trick or treat on sunday night , the real halloween night, or will it all happen on saturday night? any thoughts on this...?
i have several nice pumpkins growing after fighting off the grass hoppers for several weeks,but how do i keep them growing? do i cut the vine just after where the friut is growing or do i just let the + 448 more characters
2 Texans,Sorry about your chat with the guy on the phone at the Olive.i work there and I will say something about that it is a great old hotel to stay in and I know we had most of our rooms in the mot + 458 more characters
Hello, yes Rick donated his time to sit on a dunk tank for the A.B.A.T.E. of Montana Prairie Riders Chapter annual bike show and dance.The weather was cool that day but everyone had fun.The Eastern Mo + 113 more characters
hey chithead,thanks for the good thoughts.we had a great time.40 players for the tourney, mostly out of towners.we hope to do an omaha tourney next month i think.congrats to the winners.see you all ne + 9 more characters
good job to tonight's winner.see you all tomorrow night...
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