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Just filled up here in Gillette, WY and paid $1.84 for 88 octane.
Peggy, What a great problem to have... wish it would rain here in Gillette!
Stovegirl: Thanks for the link. We escaped any damage here in Hastings. How did York fair? From the radar it looked nasty over there. Buckle your chin strap... round two tonight!
Amen! I ate there last week and it was excellent. The Prime Cut in Gillette is also very good.
It is interesting to note how most of those in favor of a new pool in this thread don't live in MC anymore. Kinda gives new meaning to the thought "somethings in the water." Here in Hastings, NE, they + 1022 more characters
Great suggestions, Tucker. Living in the desert in New Mexico gave me a whole new appreciation for responsible water management and conservation. After that experience, it sort of angers me to see the + 329 more characters
>>Brady:"The water that used to fill the pool from the 50's-70's is not the same water we fill it with today. The Tounge today is filled with pesticides, herbicides and cow shit from every feedlot from + 1190 more characters
"Going to church on Sunday does not make you a christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car" Billy Sunday
Stovegirl: Sorry, I am dyslexic. But you seemed to know what I was talking about anyway.
For my money, it would be a waste to drive to York and not eat at Chance R! I can't stand Taco Johns or Taco Bell either!
Stovegirl, I don't understand why your Caseys is .20/ gal cheaper than here in Hastings, AND has better doughnuts! Almost worth the time to drive to York and have supper at Chnace R.
I grew up in Miles City, lived in York, NE for three years, moved to New Mexico, and currently live in Hastings, NE. After living in New Mexico, I am confident there is no such thing as "authentic" me + 164 more characters
This topic could use a little perspective. 1. Wal-Mart is a successful company because they sell more merchandise than their competition. They do what they need to do get people in the door. I admit + 942 more characters
I am wondering if anyone has any information as to whether the Class of 1979 will be having a reunion this year?
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