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They're racist Buck, they all are. You can tell they are because they're white and breathing. F--k--g Nazi, the whole lot of them.
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It is funny to see Obama running around begging for people to join him in a war. If he is going to invade every nation that uses chemical weapons on their enemies, start with the home front and our a + 816 more characters
Speaking as a local citizen whom likes the mayor, I can not accept his pulling a number out of thin air when Miles City has plenty of construction companies that can put together a very good bid on th + 443 more characters
David nor anyone else said anything about race, why do you (Gunnar) continue to let someone's ethnic background dictate your every response in life. Stop hating people because they are different than + 4 more characters
Use spell check next time.
DJ4 says [your kidding me. One sentence you say black's hate white "devils" next sentence we are one race??? wtf ] You must not be able to read, I said Willie and James told me to meet them on the out + 383 more characters
tell us how you'd kick it with the Ghetto Boys? I didn't tell you how I would kick it with the ghetto Boys, I said I did kick it with them. Furthermore when I would meet Willie an James in the acres h + 957 more characters
[you seem to assume that 'progressive' means something besides 'moving forward.' That's what we need to do. Move forward until armed violence is just a memory and everyone, of every hue, every faith, + 1011 more characters
I don't have a black friend, he was shot to death by another black boy(verick burns), which highlights the true racial issue of black on black crime. But this issue does not fit your liberal progressi + 124 more characters
D. Extremist Ideologies 1. Introduction As noted, an ideology is a set of political beliefs about the nature of people and society. People who are committed to an ideology seek not only to persuade + 670 more characters
White pride and treason, what are you saying? I do not see anywhere in my nor anyone else's words that we are supreme. I am glad though that you made the "ever reaching" leap to racism in order to ina + 842 more characters
You only quote the ideals you want to highlight Gunnar, The last sentence says anyone who advocates violence as a means to change government. Our founders stated plainly the we should use force to ove + 25 more characters
Page two, I copied and pasted it to the point of which it says anyone whom advocates the use of force or violence. It is well known that our founders believed in replacing by force a tyrannical ruler + 877 more characters
Funny thing about the democraps. About a month or two back, there was a subject on this site, about what our founding fathers would think of our society today. A bunch of liberal progressive democra + 759 more characters
f-ck you, and I bet he gives us another war, because Alex Jones and Ron Paul are correct. Global government run by the federal reserve and international banksters. Proof is how can the American bankin + 84 more characters
They will disappear, many are already joining the democrats. I personally am joining the ranks of the democrats due mostly to their newly found ideology about preemptive wars. Obama and the peaceful d + 357 more characters
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