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"If drivers were disregarding the bans, then the crash patterns should have remained steady. So clearly drivers did respond to the bans somehow, and what they might have been doing was moving their ph + 1127 more characters
Frank: I would be interested to read the study if you would please post a link. Here is one I found after a simple search. www.distraction.gov/research/PDF-Files/Distracted-Driving-2009.pdf
It seems as though every single day I see more and more people driving and "texting". It's my personal opinion that having anything else to focus on while behind the wheel is a little more than most o + 529 more characters
I stopped drinking hours ago and still can't form a sentence.
I couldn't agree more. What a show..!! We commented that it started with some of my favorites (the ones that make you want to run for cover) and the finally was crazy good (both of them). What to go V + 8 more characters
Thank you everyone. I will give it another shot.
Not really working that well for me :-(
I can't say that I agree with what Aaron is saying, but I'll tell you this. You will never get a serious discussion on this thread or any other. Why? Just look back to find the same people, saying the + 484 more characters
There hasn't been a lot of talk of Quest on here so I thought I'd throw something out there. I just got signed up for there service. I am paying $25.00 per month for 5 mbs. Now, during peak times it w + 223 more characters
Considering the timing, I would consider the run Lynch made one of the best I have ever witnessed.
I'm not sure that too many of us are spending a lot of time being upset. A little annoyed at the time I guess. That passed within the hour (once I was back home with some food in the microwave). Like + 183 more characters
Amorette, I want to personally apologize for posted on the wrong thread. If I would have looked a little closer I would have noticed that this was for those that had a wonderful experience at the MC G + 613 more characters
Sounds like I should have had a scone :-) I don't want to bash but here's the short of my experience so far. I went in on opening day and thought I'd keep it simple (you know, new place, employees, an + 991 more characters
Common you guys.... Everyone has to agree that status quo isn't going to cut it. Instead of bashing someone for trying make things better, tell me about what you would do. Unless you are good with the + 102 more characters
Thank you for arguing/proving my point for me. I do wonder what you meant when you said, "but to always go with what I know that I know that I know is right..." How can you think outside the box if y + 789 more characters
I think Josh has it right. This is a simple way to do a "little". We can all get in a discussion about where to best spend our money or we can simply put our best foot forward. I'm all for helping th + 915 more characters
I believe it's in room number 2 at the hospital but don't quote me on it.
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