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It's not to late to sign up...about 3 spaces left.
Ha ha!! That's pretty quick!!
Attention Ladies!! Save the date for our first ever LADIES NIGHT OUT. We are offering you a chance to gain some hands-on learning in changing a tire; inspecting your tire's condition and understanding + 399 more characters
Get ready Cowgirl/Cowboy fans! The CCDHS Sports Booster Club is sponsoring Throwback Friday on October 25th for Cowboy Football and on November 1st for Cowgirl Volleyball. Dig to the back of your clos + 326 more characters
Could anyone provide the hours for open skate this weekend? Thank you!
Hi Diane, What time is the older class?
Hi Kim, Could you use a Christmas tree at the building? I have one I would like to donate.
Just curious why you wouldn't eat the Northern?
I realize this is very short notice, but we just got word from the Montana Motor Vehicle Division, that the new MERLIN motor vehicle system will be shut down next week: Due to several problems with th + 467 more characters
Hi Rhonda, If you get in touch with Paula Syring, she can get you in touch with Scott Zeitner's daughter who lives near Scott (Tennessee???) Carol
Hi Stacy, Just talked to Jim Joyce. He said to try s[email protected] for Steph. Carol
Fine, Brady. But the gals WILL out-rule strippers!!! LOL
I can make the 1st. And I will let Nicole, Lori, Ronda, and Vanessa know. See you there. Carol
Brady, Is that Thursday, the 1st? Carol
Amen, to that Kevin! Dion was an awesome fighter for all the health issues she has had to face her entire life. She definately could outwit anyone she met...I'm sure the Good Lord has His hands full w + 59 more characters
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. There is nothing worse than watching your child lying in a hospital bed and feeling so helpless. So glad to hear he is making so much progress. Every little step + 363 more characters
I know there are some plans being discussed. Brady asked me a couple of months ago if I would help, so I know he is working on something. Brady...any progress?
Hey Kevin, It's been long time...are you still in Billings?? Carol (Roos) Bean
Hi Wade, Did you get a lot of sign-ups for the little girls softball (t-ball)? Will there be enough to form at least two teams? I know in years past, when my older daughter played, there were only eno + 121 more characters
Thanks Denise for your reply. I'm getting a little anxious, I guess. My nephew's team (8 years old) had a team meeting and has started selling candy bars. I would assume we will all be hearing soon fo + 15 more characters
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