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Thank you
The world category was extremely humbling...it wasn't that I read slow, it was that I kept sitting there saying "Wha-aa-t...?!" On a side note-Can the Web master or anyone explain how there are two of + 284 more characters
One of my kids went to Kovacs and one to Nichols. Both good-win-win!
You never even called me by my name isn't as sad as it is funny. David Allen Coe sang another sad song called "San Francisco Mable Joy".
Sad to the point of bawl out loud depressing...
Paper Lace sang "Billy, Don't Be A Hero."
Not really sad, but the title SOUNDS a sad as you can get... "There's A Tear In My Beer ('Cuz i'm Cryin' For You, Dear)!!!
those two always make me teary...
concrete angel by martina mcbride?
I like the idea of a chain clothing and/or shoe store. We are pretty limited in those departments and it is true Maurices has survived where others have not. Not so much on eaterys...
I got a hideous frosted blue glass ashtray with roses on it and an equally hideous vase that looked like someone had thrown maroon,blue and purple paint at it. But I cooed and said thank you and put t + 181 more characters
Amen, sister! Steadman's is good, too, but Jerry works with a very small crew at Sandhill's and his employee loyalty must be very high, because Mark the repair guy has been there for as long as I've l + 72 more characters
My occupation is letting the cat in & out...&in...& out...don't tell Josh Rath, but sometimes I go to bed and he stays out...but when I get up I let him in...&out...&....
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