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I would check the YMCA. They have 2 different pools and a pretty flexible schedule.
As we get older our memories of family traditions sit in our minds.. what wonderful moments! My Turkey Day was quite memorable... I picked up my mom from the airport.. she's been in Morocco for 27 mon + 126 more characters
Some of you may or may not know that my mother Connie Genger (Clarke) joined the Peace Corp and is currently located in Morocco. Her assignment is 27 months long. She will be back in the states next A + 381 more characters
Happy 4th Birthday Nathan Christopherson! We love you! Mommy Daddy Big Brother Noah
I can understand what Debra is saying, it's just a matter that unfortunately there are so many MC citizens being diagnosed with similar conditions. We're a small town, it's heartbreaking and puzzling + 433 more characters
Greetings Matt and Shannon! Matt, if you go to, under People Search and enter Ivan Ramos there are 3 listed in CA. Jay's name does not come up. Maybe worth a try! Take Care! Cinda
Thank you everyone for your help! Karen picked everything up and seemed quited pleased. Cinda
Going thru some boxes I picked up at a garage sale last summer, I ran across some cards and pictures that are dated back 1949/1958. There are as well several pages of what looks to be taken from an ad + 243 more characters
RE: EBAY 17 years ago
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Thank you for your suggestions! Donna, I will contact you if I need assistance. I have had a couple of phone calls since this posting. So far so good!
EBAY 17 years ago
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I've purchased some things on EBay but am looking to sell some items. Without going thru the hassle of getting it set up, is there anyone out there that sells items for others?
Gotta love Deadwood. But I was really hoping to get my kids out there in the field picking out their own pumpkins.
hoping all of the leaves that have blown into my yard from my neighbors across the street travel at least 2 more doors down.
I've heard that the Aye pumpkin patch didn't turn out this year; BUMMER! Are there any other fun options around/out of town?
As this was my last year as Chair of Relay, I want to extend a huge Thank You to my Committee people and the MC community. Without all of you we wouldn't of had such a successful year. I will continue + 238 more characters
Monday, August 15th, 6 pm, at the Jewels Building will be our last team captain meeting and committee meeting before our event on the 19th. We've got 16 days to go! From here on out we'll be distribut + 206 more characters
True enough Johnnie. Thanks. And by the way, I'm here for you anytime you need reminders of such things. Oh and another thing, what's with the little old lady thing? You are a very delightful and wis + 43 more characters
Yes, I know I should. My intent would not to be mean but just to let them know what happened. I would assume Chuck maybe Peg would want to know? I can't imagine they would want this to happen agian to + 42 more characters
Okay, I can't help my self. I had my 2 year old Amana refrigerator repaired a couple weeks ago. The freezer was not freezing properly. They picked it up, replaced a electronic part that was not under + 858 more characters
J.C., About 8 years ago my mother reunited with a daughter she gave up for adoption in 1965. My half sister knew she was adopted so she had some information to go off; family names, states in which th + 268 more characters
35 days to go until our 10th Anniversary Relay for Life. Please join us in a fun filled Friday night! Music, games, raffles, food, and socializing. All of this and raising money to find a cure! How co + 979 more characters
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