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The last two years there have been a lot more of them. Several people have noticed. I have heard that flooding a few years ago enabled them to make it into the Yellowstone.
30+ jobs > 0 jobs. Royalties based on Domestic price > royalties on nothing. Wich of these is incorrect?
Good thing we avoided that opportunity to provide jobs and improve our economy. I dont know how the Casinos would continue to thrive if there were a competitive labor market.
It appears maybe all the caution was for not? Response to the Rolling Stones article.
I guess I'm not sure how to tell the difference. Is there a way?
All those lights are from oil rigs? Looks like a lot of rigs in Minnesota!
Well that was short lived. 5 campers in the Wal-Mart parking lot today when I drove through on my way to Minot. Has anyone heard where that 400 car caravan ended up? can't imagine anywhere in MT where + 137 more characters
Another usefull resource. Shows the oil and gas producing areas. I dont see much happening in Custer County. url
url .Pg. 29. 2011 data is not listed yet, but permits are listed on the DNRC site as they are issued, and I have yet to see one there.
Just wondering if anyone has noticed that all of the towns that are referred to as having issues from the oil boom happen to have oil wells located near them. Hundreds of them within a 100 mile radius + 67 more characters
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