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Bay of Pigs - Our own idiotic idea. Cuban Missile Crisis - USSR's
1. Do You Hear What I Hear - Bing Crosby version. 2. Hey Santa - Wilson Phillips 3. Yes
You're welc
Or Brains.... Little Ones.
Raw milk is just fine... As long as you boil it before consumption.
It's GLOBAL warming. We've had a sucky winter in the U.S., especially the lower 48. I wonder how it up in Hal's territory. Russia has been having a warm winter(a littletoo warm in Sochi right now). I + 92 more characters
Here is the article that supplied my information. url I admit the Montana Cowgirl Blog is decidedly leftist, but they tend to supply links for their claims. And besides that, the articles are often hi + 429 more characters
I feel kind of cheated, Amorette. The rambling, somewhat pointless and endless "set-up" paragraphs are a nice diversion at the end of a difficult day.
Jason Priest, one of Montana's chief haters of the ACA, has been arrested. It is interesting to note that Jason made a lot of his money brokering debt to health care providers for his own profit. No w + 54 more characters
And take Achy Breaky's spawn with you, Beibs.
In recent years my family and I went to a cat show in Billings. It was so popular, the people queued to purchase tickets were backed up for a city block. It was known as the fee-line. Sorry Richard.
Deer populations are down in many places. This doesn't bode well for the sheep population. I live in the north side of Helena. A young lion, resting on a neighbor's porch, was dispatched by the author + 64 more characters
Changing the day is the 2nd most stupid idea since having it in New York(Jersey) in the first place.
Seahawks 24, Broncos 21. I'd really like to see the 'hawks win but I wouldn't mind seeing Manning get his second. Kudos to Welker for making Bellyache cry. Double kudos to the great Richard Sherman f + 59 more characters
Let's send the little prick back to Canada!
Has anyone else ever noticed Tom Brady sounds a little like Chris Griffin during interviews? Is anyone worried the Bronco's crowd may be just a little too mellow for Sunday's game?
Thank God the Nazis didn't get a hold of this weapon during WWII. We'd all be goose-stepping and speaking German.
Is it me, or do Tom and Mrs. Emilsson seem a little forgetful?
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