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Tomorrow, February 4, 2015 at the Centra Athletic Center, the Miles City Fire and Rescue Stairclimb team will be relay climbing on the stairstepper for approximately 12 hours (beginning at 0700) to ra + 1149 more characters
Afraid of water or just want to ensure that your family has the tools necessary to increase their safety in the water? This is water recreation season and we want everyone to go out and have fun and c + 622 more characters
Thanks for all the help, folks, I'm pretty excited to join in! What times do the clubs above meet (I see a few times)?
Anything with substance, really-literature and mix in a classic periodically. So, I'm open to suggestion as well, as I don't think that I will run out of books to read at any time in the near future ( + 37 more characters
Hey-o, I'm trying to see if anyone knows of, or is interested in participating in, a "book club-ish" sort of thing. I would love to have a deadline for books I'm reading and would love, love some inte + 316 more characters
Whoever is bringing this band is my hero! Nice job and thanks!
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