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I realize that I'm bringing this up at the end of the season but do any of you fantasy players from Montana play the Montana Lottery Fantasy Football? Each week you pick a QB, RB, WR, TE, K and DST, l + 295 more characters
Yes, there will be an Open Mic this Friday Night. At the usual place at the usual time. Hope to see you there!
I was really surprised to see a TV Commercial for the 519 the other day (I think I was watching football). Anyway, this wasn't on channel 14, it was on a major network. Wow!
Well.........So much for my prognosticating skills. I am actually glad that the Yankees won though because I'd like to see a 7 game series. GO BASEBALL!!!!!!
Here's my 2 cents on tonight's game. I don't think Pedro is going to make it to the fifth inning. Pitching to National League hitters with limited stuff is one thing but the Yankee hitters that have s + 382 more characters
Hey Mike.....I wasn't particularly fond of Manny when the Dodgers got him. But what is a lifelong fan of a team supposed to do when he becomes a member of the organization? Are you going to tell me th + 767 more characters
This Dodger Fan is not silent. I've got to hand it to Cliff Lee for the way he pitched last night. The Dodgers got spanked and all they can do is re-group and try and wake up their bats tonight. I hel + 802 more characters
God, I hope we have a Dodgers/Yankees World series this year!!!!
So, Kyle, Are you going to make a prediction in todays Yankee/Twins game and show us all how easy it is?
I am a Ram Fan! There I said it. I have been a Rams Fan since 1962 and as you know, it sucks to be a Rams Fan! So, If that, "Short Haired Yellow Bellied Narrow Minded Hypocrite" buys the team, I will + 80 more characters
Kyle, I am not a Mariner Fan (my wife is). I am a Dodger Fan. If Blowers were to predict that Tuiasosopo was going to hit a home run in the game, that would be easy. He predicted that he would hit the + 409 more characters
This happened on Sunday 10/4 but I didn't know how to post it until today. It's really hard to predict anything in baseball, so to me this is amazing. url
Ohhhh, I know.... Man, I was so sure that they wouldn't lose 4 in a row. Good thing I didn't put any cash money on it. People on the Dodger web site were joking that they were waiting to clinch until + 421 more characters
I say "Dodgers Clinch Tonight in San Diego!" Jon Garland is on the mound for the Dodgers and I've got to believe that they won't lose 4 in a row. O.K., O.K.... it's the 4th inning and the Dodgers are + 195 more characters
I've gotta agree with you Bob. The Dodgers will continue to rest their players until the postseason. Manny, Casey Blake and Ronnie Belliard are hurting the most right now. I really hope that the Rocki + 187 more characters
For those of you who are too young to remember.......Mary Travers was Mary of "Peter, Paul and Mary". You may not recognize the name but you may remember "Puff the Magic Dragon" (their biggest hit). P + 580 more characters
MG, Yes the Elks still serves dinner on Friday nights at 5pm. The menu varies week to week but you get a full meal for only 5 bucks! We had a good time last night. The entertainment was diverse as usu + 224 more characters
For those of you who are in town, Friday Night Open Mic will continue this Friday at 8 PM at the Elks Club. I'll be sittin' in for Tucker this week and I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Frida + 218 more characters
Thanks for your help everyone who wrote. My dad and I figured out the problem so thanks again. Conner Talbot
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