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There's actually a team of people that do it. CBS Sunday Morning had a story on it earlier this year: url CNet recently did a story on them too: url
Levi, I put the Swype beta on my phone last night and all I have to say is wow! I'm still getting the hang of it but it's a great keyboard. Hopefully it won't cost too much when it comes out of beta. + 232 more characters
I am also an alumni of one of the outsiders, probably the biggest (ISU) and like you said I think it all now depends on what Texas decides to do. If they go so does the Big 12 and I think a lot of the + 455 more characters
Best in the series.
Ha! At least we're in agreement.
All that is doing is encrypting the terms you're searching for when you hit the search button. Any result link you click will behave like it does now (unencrypted) and Google is still tracking what yo + 198 more characters
I use both Slacker and Pandora, but I prefer Slacker and find myself using it more often than Pandora.
If you're talking shows strictly canceled too early my votes: Deadwood Freaks & Geeks Arrested Development
Did any of you actually watch the episode? I did. There was a handicapped girl who said her mom was "the former governor of Alaska." I think it was a shot a Palin not at the handicapped. Further, I th + 138 more characters
Threads like these usually end up with people just recommending their own car, but I just picked up a new Mazda 3 5 door HB in November. Great car so far. I crossed shopped the compact hatches from VW + 229 more characters
The startup is very Cylon. I've been following all those Google Phone rumors as well. Will be interested to see what actually becomes of them. I don't think it can be totally free. From what I've hea + 672 more characters
Posting this using my Droid right now. I've had it for about two weeks now. I think it's a great phone. Probably the best on verizon. Still getting used to the keyboard. Like Google listen, slacker ra + 290 more characters
Interesting map showing the type of car people traded (foreign or domestic) and which type they bought organized by state. Michigan really supported the big 3. The rest of the country not so much: url
Not to mention Microsoft has free Express editions of both Visual Studio and SQL Server available that are plenty powerful enough if you don't need an enterprise level solution. And at most places (l + 440 more characters
Our Office has used DotNetNuke a couple times for some smaller CMS projects. I haven't developed with it at all, but the dev that did said it wasn't too bad. url
It's my understanding that in order to get all the games in HD it's an extra $100 on top of the $300 Sunday Ticket already costs to get the "Super Fan" upgrade. That's a lot of coin, but if it's worth + 221 more characters
5 Guys is one of our favorite burger places. Good burgers and so many fries you're almost required to have someone to split them with. I didn't realize they had franchises so far all over the country + 508 more characters
As Expected Best Buy will not honor that price: url
I was just up in Philly Saturday and we did the touristy Pat's & Gino's run. We figured since we were seeing the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall we may as well go all out full on tourist. Half of o + 631 more characters
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