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Wade Christopherson - Car Accident - Helena ? Rick Raymond - 2014 Greg Rautio -?
FYI Leif, just so you know I have NOT PASSED ON THE TAX BURDEN INCREASES TO MY RENTERS NOR DO I PLAN TO EITHER! My renters have been in my house for years. I have not increased the rent when I could h + 192 more characters
I no longer live in Miles City but I still have 2 houses that I pay taxes on there and they are both currently in Ward 4. The fact is that the Mayor and Mr. Minckler sat down with the Unions and offer + 544 more characters
Vicki, I have heard you were looking for me... I am in Colstrip.
I look for the supercenter to knock County Market completely out of business. As for Albertsons it might hurt them at first, but our Citizens need to educate themselves before they buy from a Walmart + 341 more characters
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