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For those of you who are so quick to criticize the departments in MC that you feel are so horribly ran, have any of you ever worked in that line of business and know first hand what you are talking ab + 97 more characters
Everybody is so sure GW mislead the country and lied about the weapons of mass destruction, it's unfortunate we can't dig up the entire desert over there to find the proof we need. They had plenty of + 725 more characters
I think it's great you are presenting Romeo and Juliet. I hope you have a wonderful turn out. If I wasn't living in San Diego I would be there. I think it's sad John Wayne has to be so rude and ugly k + 190 more characters
Rick, I no longer am in Miles City but long to be. I visit the site because I miss it and don't complain about it, in fact I've commented in other areas about those that only do complain on the site a + 1583 more characters
I think you are right in that the town doesn't seem to be as kid friendly as it used to be. My only explanation for that is....the average age of a Miles City resident is older than what the average a + 822 more characters
I remember the old Tempo and the tvs also. But mostly what I remember about old Tempo was the hard plastic brown horse you could ride for a quarter. It had a black bridle with metal studs all over it. + 298 more characters
For those of you that always complain about how horrible it is to live in Miles City - why are you still there? If you dislike it as much as you complain about disliking it, I don't understand why you + 345 more characters
Here in Southern California gas has come down this past week. We are now paying $2.25. I never thought the day would come when I felt I was getting a good deal to only be paying $2.00 for gas, and I f + 47 more characters
If I am an immigrant in southern California it's because my husband is in the military and defending OUR country, so do I need to apologize for that? My concern is not only that of Spanish speaking, h + 348 more characters
If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him??
I have to disagree with the comment about Latin Americans and other races doing jobs in the US that most whites won't lower themselves to do, living in Southern California it is very hard competing fo + 742 more characters
I've been reading the Wal Mart saga for months, and have kept myself from voicing my opinion, but have now decided to jump in. I have watched for months and it seems the general opinion of most in Mil + 630 more characters
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