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Abraham Lincoln's 10 social and political guidelines: You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the poor man by + 548 more characters
I was a very little girl of 4 yrs when my younger sister was in the air force hospital in TX. While my mom was visiting my sis, I had to behave and sit in the waiting area and play Barbie dolls ( then + 606 more characters
Growing up in the great southern state of Louisiana, one knows that if a cypress tree or cypress knee is anywhere nearby, there is or has been LOTS of water at one point and you would know not to buil + 921 more characters
So Bridger....You got some hard line advice for Conservative thinking activists. What's your position on the "Occupy Wall Street" Crowd?
Ol' Clive sure has fired up folks on both sides of the spectrum. In this case, in my opinion, both sides have some good firm ground from which to make their point. Maybe, somebody on the left can help + 277 more characters
Oh, OK, I get it....Clive's great, great grandfater....more then 100 years ago, settled on this property and developed a scheme whereby he'd teach his future generations to freeload off the government + 276 more characters
Seems a shame to me our Federal Goverment is so happy and willing to strong arm ranchers looking for a little grass, and farmer's begging for a little water, rather then take their fully armed shock t + 210 more characters
We're out the Baker Highway off mm 14.5. Our gage read 3.25 inches. (Got a picture for the scrap book). We had marble sized hail aolong with the downpour.
fire 11 years ago
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Any info on the fire of Baker Hgy?
Any prizes for horses or horse groups? Doesn't matter cause we like to participate anyway.
Your dealing with a little click of juvenile offenders. It's a thrill thing for them as much as it is for the little bit of money they produce for themselves. You can't win by a confrontation with the + 335 more characters
Bridgier....what a foul mouth and minded low life you are. Just like most card carrying Commies, can't handle a lotta truth mixed in with a little satire. Don't counter my point with facts....try dene + 158 more characters
Big Sky started all this bragging about finding a job!! I'll set him straight: Mr. Big Sky, Excuse me, sir.....but this is America! Please do not come on here promoting your self working, with tool in + 285 more characters
My wife lived in Crownpoint, NM....inside the Navajo rez. She had horses and this happen not once but twice in the 8 yrs she lived there. As in the article, she was told that the pretty, long tails th + 224 more characters
Howdy, you and cronies make me sick. Why do you begruge anyone who was willing to work all those years and now have a retirement coming in? Your complaining out both sides of your mouth. On the one si + 849 more characters
To Buck and Mary 1.....Dang sorry to rattle your tree. I don't have any jobs to offer. Just a little of my life expierences to share. All I can say is that I'm the father of six productive adult ch + 576 more characters
Well for one.....lets throw out the entire quagmire of current US tax codes, and install in it's place a national sales tax. Then EVERYBODY can help support the programs that are so important to you. + 1710 more characters
There aren't enough "rich" people in our country to save America from tanking like Greece, if ignorant freeloaders continue to be spoon feed with entitlements like every failing social democracy in Eu + 378 more characters
Kramer being injured only effects 1/2 of Laurel's Claim to fame...How many points they can run up on you. It would be foolish to try and hang our hats on that hook, and not focus on the other half of + 158 more characters
This here thread sure has gotton crazy. Question had to do with pets in rentals. I can break that down for you, cause I used to rent a house. The idea of renting, is so that the owner of the rental ca + 581 more characters
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