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Oops - should be 'when you're.' (I hate when I do that!)
I believe the BB/BS program in Miles City died out due to the heavy fundraising involved and the low number of participants. The guidelines were pretty stringent for volunteers and the person hired to + 435 more characters
As far as the wine list goes - if you look under the directory tab on this site, you can find a listing for Club 519. Click on it and then you can find a tab for the wine list on their webpage.
I read this thread and I have to ask: What did Deb ever do to deserve this? She's one of the kindest people I've ever met and now, with this information, I have to fear for her sanity! Tell her 'hi' + 8 more characters
Okay - Happy Birthday TODAY! Oh, I miss the SBBC days. Haven't been in the same shape since.
Happy Birthday, Bart! Wow, you're WAY older than I am! Hope you had a great day.
This is the funniest thread I've seen in a long time! Well, next to the Pooh swine flu and the bacon ones!
My grandpa, Ray Lundby, Sr., owned the Penguin Shop. My dad, Ray Lundby, Jr., worked for Dept. of State Lands. Both were wonderful men.
Don't know how to edit, yet. Take out the word "the" from in front of people in my post. (That's just bugging me!)
Doug Muri - I think his death changed our class. He seemed to be friends with everyone. He stuck up for people, no matter who they were, when someone else was picking on them and just seemed to be so + 192 more characters
Howard Letke told me the first day of class that I had two grade options in his class - I could either earn an 'A' or he'd give me an 'F.' I remember that Dr. Luther wouldn't give anyone a 100% in hi + 610 more characters
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