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$400k seems low for a modern country rap singer in skinny jeans and his cap on backwards, but assuming it is correct you need to add 10% for the booking agency, the sound and lights company is probabl + 283 more characters
It's one of those things that makes so much sense it makes you wonder why more haven't used the concepts all along. I forget the % raise in AUM's you can expect but it was amazing.
Whatever happened to the concepts of cell grazing? I went to a range management seminar on it probably 30 years ago
Many years ago an Irish priest blew up at my 5th grade class and called us a bunch of "Amadons". He felt the need to further define it as a three-legged jackass. Silly me, I thought it was a little to + 104 more characters
Wow. That was fast.
As the very old saying goes... there are no atheists in a fox hole. And yes, I'll pray for you ignoramuses.
The last time we updated our passports we took them ourselves. There's criteria for sizing on the application. Just print 'em out and send in.
"Daisy Outdoor Products and other organizations annually sponsor the Shooting Education Program to teach young people gun safety and introduce them to the sport of shooting. The 46th Annual Daisy Nati + 350 more characters
An Eastern Montana BB gun team just took second place at nationals! Don't know anything about the sport except it's highly regulated and supervised. And it's a great thing for these young shooters to + 142 more characters
Might not want to ask for half a cow. Old cows = hamburger. Young steers = good beef. Just sayin
Perhaps the Miles City people who are district trustees of this organization would like to give their thoughts on this.
My son lives in another state, working full not a Montana resident anymore. He does, however, have a simple passbook savings account here. Does he have to file in Montana for whatever intere + 32 more characters
I heard this idea from some else and I love it: A mobile museum. BHS it's in MC, NILE it's in Billings, Stampede it's in Wolf Point, the list goes on. If it only comes through a couple times a year th + 87 more characters
You guys are so helpful. Thank you so much. I tried to download Chrome and it told me there was an unspecified error. Augh. Monday will be laptop shopping day. Have a great weekend.
excellent post, Levi. I currently have a Dell desktop. It's probably really quite good considering it's 4 yrs old: Intel Dual core, 4300@1.8 Ghz, 1.79 Ghz 1.99 GB RAM Runs XP Pro I ordered it from De + 998 more characters
Appreciate the help and suggestions. I don't go to Costco, so there's a problem with that. Would prefer to buy local and have a make that has a local authorized service provider, not a mail-in.
First off, I'm not that sage about tech stuff, but I appreciate the knowledge some folks on here have. I'm fed up with my Dell desktop and am looking to move into the laptop age. 17" screen for sure, + 1061 more characters
Trails either get shut down because somebody did something boneheaded and got hurt then decided to sue, or else somebody did something boneheaded and dumped garbage to the point it was shut down. Eith + 136 more characters
I always thought to go to Cuba you just go to Regina, Sask? Maybe I'm wrong. I've sailed past it a couple times. Gave a California Howdy to Fidel and motor'd on.
I have one of the first Nissan Rogues and I love it. Have had it for over 2 years. The CVT is amazing on icy roads. I've never driven anything better. I'm a hatchback person too, but don't like bulky + 819 more characters
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