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5 girls 1 conviction I would call that a repeat offender!
The state of Montana tried Cecil for molesting 5 different girls. Denial of the facts will allow this to happen again.
I just want everyone to know that "Mr" Kolka is a pedophile and he is now your neighbor.
Cecil Kolka served 15 months of a 60 month term. Please welcome him appropriately!
During the Broadus Centenial and All Class Reunion we will be holding a Dutch Oven Presentation and chili cook off. The event is July 1st 2010 with the centenial going through the 4th. This is a time + 157 more characters
Is this the family that ranched 28 miles south of town on Big Pumpkin Creek?
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I have 5 33x12.5x15 on aluminum rims that I would trade for narrower ones
How wide are your tires?
RE: Maven Binoculars one month ago
I would trade you a Hi-Point 40S&W