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Ok, I'll bite on this topic. Yes there are many untapped reserves of oil, and gas, a lot of them are hard to produce oil from, in some areas where there are large undeveloped reserves, they simply hav + 976 more characters
Down here in the southern tip of Indiana, I about fell over when the schools called a snow day, with only an inch of snow on the ground. 24 inches put the whole area into a level 3, which means the on + 75 more characters
I'd send you all some warm spring rain if I could. We're soggy, grass needs cut and can't get it done. Keep telling my folks, if I could create a pipeline I would send some there.
Did it ever occur to any of you that a simple word added into this whole scenario could have made all the difference? Brian, Please would have made it a lot more palatable to the middle aged drunk. + 623 more characters
I found this spot yesterday after my folks let me know of the fire in MC. So I've spent the last 2 days surfing around reading threads. I have to add Jimmy Niles, a drowning victim. Spent a lot of tim + 307 more characters
I remember storms like that. Don't miss them either. Here we got hit with a bad ice storm a little over a month ago. Still have trees down all over, now its tornado season! Oh joy....but I love it her + 421 more characters
My prayers go out to all of you. Haven't been back to MC much since I left, but my daughters were born there and lived there until 2006. We had many memories at the Cellar, both with my children and f + 291 more characters
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