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Rob Shipley is out making his rounds again. I can't tell you what he wanted this time all he got out was his name and I shooed him off my property. But being the nice person I thought I would warn you + 5 more characters
Dose anyone know the website where I can find the info from last nights meeting?
How sad I'll keep my eyes open hope its found!
Was trying to think of a response but I may have actually been struck dumb.
But if you click on her name it changes to gunsngold same account just changed the name
It wasn't side ways when I selected it oh well just have to tilt you head to gaze upon the cuteness!
Done [Edited by simplyme (6/17/2016 11:26:27 PM)]
I see the problem now g and g wants people to be accepting of his beliefs yet he's not willing to be excepting of anyone else's. My favorite rule as a child and still today is the thumper rule " if yo + 315 more characters
D.rice not a new user name I've had this name for years I just don't usually post I'm sure the beloved webmaster can verify this and if you are the d rice I think you are you have known me since I was + 307 more characters
For those 49 people who died the fifty three injured and the other couple hundred terrorized my heart breaks for them and the families. Regardless of race or sexual orientation they were people and no + 333 more characters
I'm not a big fan of Mary Lou but you just come off as stupid I'm sorry you should have done something before now if this was happening chances are because you didn't use your head then your kinda stu + 78 more characters
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