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And they say its the far right that's the hate fueled extremists.....
Based on the fact that any competent person in the State has realized, read, or felt in person the effects of the State of Montana facing a unprecedented shortage of Volunteers, that sounds like luna + 3 more characters
A article that for some reason hasn't been mentioned as much. City's fire truck and ambulance fleet is showing its age Published: Tue, 01/03/2017 - 3:17pm | Section: By Elaine Forman Top Local News B + 2588 more characters
So if a Mayor, City Council, and Fire Chief with knowledge of the city's budgets and needs have implemented a way to increase funding how are you now a expert to argue with it?
You still didn't answer my question, and Your line of questioning is also moving away from that as well, let's try to stay on one topic at a time. Now let's address one thing we need to clarify, tax + 434 more characters
So would you like to help with the drafting of a public safety mil Levy then? This fee applies to service users, not the entire tax paying population, you seem to keep forgetting that.
Go air your dirt laundry some place else, grow up.
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