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Yeah, I remember that (referring to mule train's message from 8/5/11... it's been a while since I checked this board). 8th grade, spring of 1987. I don't remember the part about the heron and the bass + 520 more characters
Since it was a very unflattering post toward her, I thought it was nice of Bridgier not to name his 5th grade teacher, even though there was at least one poster who asked for it. I won't divulge the n + 1849 more characters
Shu, Great to hear from you and thanks for adding to my post. I'm up in Great Falls now - I teach U.S. History and American Government at Great Falls High. I head back to Miles City as often as I can + 2368 more characters
They lost what would've been their 100th consecutive conference win to the Broadus Hawks. I'd always heard they lost 6-0, but a few years ago I finally saw the actual score and it was more like 36-8.. + 19 more characters
I posted these in response to an older thread in the General Discussion about SHHS inspirational teachers and coaches, then decided they'd fit in this forum, too (and, being a new post, maybe more peo + 2727 more characters
Somebody also mentioned earlier that Glenn Hageman coached SHHS to its only state football championship in 1980 (my brother Conan was a junior on that team). Glenn's a great guy and has gone on to be + 784 more characters
It was before my time, but the Sacred Heart basketball coach in 1965 (the year they won State) was Dan Connors. Harold Schwann came later (late 1960s or early '70s), and then Glenn Hageman by the late + 1245 more characters
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